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Stop letting the fear of owning a vacation rental property prevent you from making an investment that will change your life—and learn how to confidently make profitable buying decisions, manage challenging guests, and avoid costly novice mistakes. 

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Why So Many People are Hesitant to
Invest in Vacation Homes

(And what you can do differently to find success!)

10.6 million people invest in vacation homes around the globe. That’s pretty solid evidence that purchasing secondary properties to supplement income is a worthy endeavor–after all, if the investment didn’t pay off, people simply wouldn’t do it. 

So why are many people with disposable income hesitant to purchase  vacation property?

The truth is, people are more afraid of making real-estate  mistakes that will cost them money

than they are of investing in other more traditional avenues. Buy the wrong house, select the wrong renters, or mismanage the property, and it’s easy to quickly get in over your head. 

The good news…

When you have a proven blueprint for finding, purchasing, and managing a vacation rental home, it’s easy to confidently purchase a vacation home that pays for itself and, ultimately, amplify your ROI without any of the “Did I make the right decision?” worry and stress. 

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The Power of Property Rental Ownership…

Imagine what life would look like if you had the ability to…

Earn additional recurring income without having to take on a secondary job.

Set yourself (and your family) up for a secure retirement or financial future

Enjoy life, travel, and spend more time with family and friends instead of being tied to an office chair all day. 

Own and use a vacation property that pays for itself.

Take advantage of the tax benefits that are available when owning a vacation home.

Would you feel more secure? Have more freedom? Worry less about your future?

Here’s the thing…

Anyone who has the resources to purchase rental properties can be wildly successful at it! However, the secret to that success is knowing everything to avoid BEFORE you purchase your first property so you don’t make novice mistakes that will decrease the value of your investment. 

Enroll in our course and you’ll walk away with everything you need to know regarding…

  • ..How to choose a property that will give you a return on your investment

  • ..How to market your property to attract a steady stream of visitors

  • ..How to keep your guests happy and your home in the best condition for years to come

  • .....and so much more!

What’s Included in the Course…

A comprehensive video series on the most important rental property topics, including:

A Collection of 30+ instructional Videos from Real Estate Professional Wendy Schultz!

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10 Done-For-You Resource Templates Including…

  • ..Check Out Poster

  • ..Guest Binder Printout

  • ..Property Furnishings Checklist

  • ..Health Inspection Tip Sheet

  • ..Cleaning Service Questions

  • .....and so much more!

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A couple months from now you could still be stuck in a dead-end career, worrying about your financial future, or frustrated with the performance of your current investments.

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It’s time to gain the knowledge you need to confidently purchase and rent out vacation properties.

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